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Default Re: Movies now on self-erasing DVD's, amazing!

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I remember reading about this technology, the disc is sealed in an airtight envelope and upon exposure to air, it degrades over several hours.
I think these may work differently, since it says you can buy recordable discs and even specify how long before self-destruction, though how they can do that is truly amazing. The disc has to physically change, somehow. The biggest problem I see, is preventing the contents from being copied first. I, also, wonder if the destruction generates smoke, like the tapes on the old Mission Impossible series, remember?

"After the 48 hours are up, inserting the disc into a DVD player will result in a No Disc message. Recordable DVD-D discs are also available, with a 4.5GB capacity. The blank DVD-D+R can be recorded at up to 8X speed, and can either be ordered with pre-recorded content in quantities less than 2,000, or bought as blanks. The client can then specify how long the data is to remain, having the option of one-time viewing only, or a time period of 8 hours, 48 hours or otherwise. Blank DVD-D+Rs available for purchase can be recorded with a 48-hour data life."
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