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Default Movies now on self-erasing DVD's, amazing!

Four European countries are offering DVD movies on a format called DVD-D that is unique in that the content is erased 8 hours after the disposable disc makes its first rotation in a player. The format is also applied to software, with a 48-hour life span, either of which can be kept indefinitely until its first use, at which point the timer starts. Such DVD-Ds are available in Italy, France, Germany and Scandinavia at bookstores, gas stations and kiosks for about a third of the price of a traditional multi-play DVD.

This reminds me of the now defunct DIVX format (not to be confused with the video codec DivX) that was promoted in 1999 at Circuit City and Ultimate Electronics. Unlike the old DIVX discs which required a special player with a phone connection, these DVDs apparently play on any regular DVD player. If they catch on in Europe, who knows, perhaps they will come here?
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