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Thumbs down Re: Gold connectors - a bad idea, make connections worse?

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Ironically, in the following article, founder and head of Monster Cables, Noel Lee, admits "Gold connectors are a big fallacy." He goes on to state that "you're throwing your money away and asking for problems by using a gold-plated connector."......
If pure copper has a relative conductivity of 100 then silver is 8% higher and gold is 74% that of copper. If the connector whether mated with a connector made of the same metal i.e., silver-silver, gold-gold and etc. will not result in an electrolytic reaction. I agree if you should mate a gold male RCA plug with a tin plated RCA female receptacle, the result would cause a resistive connection over time, because of metal migration, electrolytic corrosion and etc. If the connectors on your gear are gold, there shouldn't be a problem using gold connector cables (which I prefer because of their non-corrosive properties). Gold plating is still the preferred metal for the transmission of low current signals. My guess is that Monster is down-playing gold because the current cost is high and they're looking to replace it.
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