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Thumbs up Re: Denon DVD-5910CI DVD-A/SACD Player

Yes, I guess you can chalk it up to that. You see, your position is unique as you have the great and special opportunity to demo these different formats and players. Currently, I`m back at start. Yes, starting form scratch with only my Grado headphones and portable. If I go High Def player, I must change my library, and of course, pick between Blu - Ray or HD - DVD. It seem easier at the outset, to go universal, surround sound processor,amp, 7.1channels, LCD, DLP, etc. headphone amp and phones, then call it a day. I can play my SACD`s and DVD - A`s. And you know where we stand on that now. So..................................

Definitely will not deny the gorgeous picture and sound with High def DVD. Maybe if they start producing more high def concerts, that could sway me. I own GRP live DVDs and other jazz concerts.
And I hear you about used gear, but unless I could trust the source, I`d rather go new. I`ve sold audio/video electronics in my past for a while, I guess I`m biased. I know most people do not take care of their gear like you and I do.
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