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Default Re: Blu-ray disc sales soar!

Originally Posted by wes View Post
The prices are still obnoxious!! $35 for a movie get a grip. I wish they could offer an upgrade path to people who own DVDs

I have over 500 DVDs and would gladly trade in my DVDs for Blu Ray if the upgrade was no more that $10 a movie. That still would mean $5000 for the studios, now I have decided to only get a handful of great sci-fi movies in blu ray and will not upgrade the DVD collection. I will wait until new movies are a lot more affordable.

I bought my DVDs over the past five years and usually waited until they were on sale at $10 a piece except for a few that I had to have as soon as the movie came out!

We should lobby the studio to offer an upgrade path to blu ray.
I'm like you - I only buy Disney films in BD or a great SCI-FI movie. Nothing will replaced. I'm enjoyinig my SD collection in a brand new way with WinDVD 9 Plus Blu-ray! I'm very content now.
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