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Wink Re: Blu-ray disc sales up 351% while DVD sales are down!

Originally Posted by rex View Post
While DVD sales are down, BD sales are up 351%:
This is a somewhat misleading post after you read the article. DVD sales were down 1.2%(ignorable) BD was up 351% (that's terrific - could that be the former HD-DVD supporters?), but these figures do not include Walmart where most average and some not so average people buy their DVD's. If DVD Sales were down say 10% to 20% then I would say something! The end of the war has definately increased sales greatly, but many people are still waiting for Walmart to have a bigger selection, and others (who don't shop at Amazon - although its the best thing going today) are waiting for BD's to come down in price (like Moose has stated before - he wants physical take that thought even further - some people don't want to wait or pay retail - they want it now - cheap - like WalMart). It's gonna take a little bit longer but it's catching on.
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