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Default Re: What is better HDMI, component or DVI?

I have had no issue with HDMI being the CARRIER of the signal. I have Bluejeans Cable's best HDMI cables in 35 ft (receiver to projector) and 3 & 4 ft (components to receiver) lengths. My projector is the Sony VPL-VW50 Pearl projector. The picture is great through DirectTV HD, AppleTV, HD-DVD and Blu-ray. I have had two HD-DVD players and 3 different Blu-ray players. They have all been plugged straight to the projector, or through my Denon 3808ci receiver. I guess I'm lucky, but I have never had any problems.

I have had disks that freeze up and also one that did not play the left front channel. All of this was corrected through various firmware upgrades. I have not had any of these types of issues, however, in the last 3 months.

I also have a 35 run of Bluejeans component video cable connected to the Sony projector. I have tried setting the various players to 1080i and feeding them to the Sony projector via component and HDMI. I set it to 1080i for a fair comparison, as the projector won't handle 1080p through component video. The Sony projector always displays a slightly better picture through the HDMI connection, both in color and detail. The problem with the comparison is the fact the the Sony may be optimized for HDMI processing. I have no way of telling. Another issue is the fact that 1080p is supported only through HDMI on the latest displays. 1080p makes a notable difference the 92 inch projected picture in my rig.

I sure do like what HDMI does for the clutter in the back of my equipment.
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