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Default Re: Kal's Home Theater & Bar! (Lots 'o pics)

Originally Posted by kal View Post
Thanks for the compliments Butch!

I'm surprised that you heard such a difference in the Signature Servo vs. the 'regular' Servo-15. Mine's only the 'regular' one (bought long before I had the Sig's). I may have to consider upgrading....

The difference in the two subs was not so much in bass extension or loudness. The Signature has much better pitch definition. It just sounds smoother.

I listen to music more often than I watch movies. 95% of the time, when listening to music, I turn the sub off and use pure direct mode circumventing my pre/pro tone controls. In doing so, bass management is also defeated. The Studio 100's bass extends easily down to around 35Hz, negating the need for a sub most of the time. I also had difficulty in getting a seamless crossover (using the X30) with the Servo 15. However, when the Signature was in the loop, and using its built-in cross over, I was able to get near perfect integration with the main speakers. The Signature seemed to energize the air in the room without sounding boomy as was sometimes the case with the Servo 15. It just seemed to reinforce the base already present in the main speakers. The Servo 15 added bass to the system. The signature blended bass with the system.

I have been, and still am, pleased with the Servo 15. It is an awesome subwoofer, outperforming everything I listened to in its price range. This thing will test the structural integrity of your house. The Signature takes the Servo's power and authority and adds that last bit of refinement that makes it an excellent musical performer.
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