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Default Re: Proper screen size for best quality picture

Originally Posted by wes View Post
How does it compare with Stewart Film Screen perforated!
Disclosure of interest: I am the Australian importer of Screen Research screens and I have used their product successfully in projects in the UK and USA, before I became the importer for Australia. For obvious reasons I wont comment on Stewart specifically.

The main screen material from SR is ClearPix2, which is a woven cloth (glass fiber thread coated with PVC) that is completely acoustically inert and transparent (AT), THX and ISF certified. The weave is three-dimensional, so it contains air and it is therefore 100% AT. As a result the audio does not get impeded in any way, no comb filtering, etc. The video is 0.97 gain, which means it only looses 3% light in the weave, whereas perf screens (not specific to any brand) can loose up to 10% light in the holes. So, SR screens are very good in my opinion, both for audio and video. That's why we installed a 200" (horizontal) in the DTS Theatre in London, and a 130" at the BAFTA, and several in music recording studios, cinemas, etc. All the usual products, motorised, fixed etc. The one I would recommend for a project right now is a TheatreCurve, CinemaScope screen, with or without masking, for CinemaScope projection (2.35:1) with an anamorphic lens on your pj. Of course all speakers behind the screen, built into a baffle wall as per THX.

Note: so-called 'free-standing' speakers can be built into a baffle wall and will sound a lot better for it. I am not talking about 'in-wall' jobbies. My colleague Anders Uggelberg and I wrote an essay about the benefits of in-baffle and on-wall speakers as compared to those modern, skinny speakers that are so popular right now. You wont believe how bad these skinny freestanding speakers perform compared to baffle/wall mounted speakers. We are looking for a publisher who will use the essay in their magazine or website.

Call the colleagues at Screen Research North America if you want more details about ClearPix2, they have a nice new PDF brochure, see, just ask for Lise and say Hi from Gerben.
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