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Default Re: Good - Better - Best in HDMI cables.

I have to give you credit for stubborness. But this is one argument you simply can not win, at least when it comes to digital cables. If we agree that digital signals are streams of one's and zero's (which is indisputable), then regardless of the cable, those same one's and zero's will always produce the exact same picture, sound, etc.
If the cable incorrectly transmits the ones and zeros (or some of them), you have a serious problem and need to replace the bad cable. Otherwise, it is simply not possible for a digital cable to transmit a superior (or an inferior) signal. The same ones and zeros will result in the exact same picture or sound. How could the same ones and zeros possibly produce anything different? This is not a matter of debate or personal preference or anything else. It is scientific fact. The title of this thread is completely misguided. There are no varying levels of performance in digital cables -- no better, no best -- just good and bad.
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