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Default THX Optimizer for calibration

One easy way to fine tune your TV is to use the THX Optimizer which is included on every THX-certified DVD. Has anyone ever used this tool? If so, what did you think of it?
THX recommends extremely large screens and extremely LOUD sound levels. They recommend dividing the diagonal screen size by .84 to determine the optimal viewing distance. This means that to optimally view a 60" screen you should sit less than 6 ft away! Ouch! Isn't that hard on the eyes? And to sit a mere 10ft from the screen, your screen should be more than 100" diagonally. Do most people really sit that close to their screens? Anyone who has optimized their sound level can tell you that the THX "optimal" level is high enough to wake the neighbors, if not cause serious hearing damage. What is going on here? I honestly can't imagine that anyone actually listens to movies at that level. Or am I wrong? How do the folks at THX come up with these recommendations, and why are they so exaggerated?
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