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Default Re: Good - Better - Best in HDMI cables.

The Purepower stuff made a big difference in the sound of my gear for sure. With it out, I can hear a low hiss through the tweeters and some form of faint electronic "noise". When it is inline, it is dead quiet. When I say quiet, I mean ANY noise is gone. My PS Audio P300 has the same effect, but there was still noise from my amp, as the P300 has a 300 watt load capacity. The Purepower 1050 handles my whole system with ease.

As far as noticing the audible differences goes, it is sometimes harder for me to hear smaller differences that cables make in someone else's gear in an unfamiliar environment. But in my gear, in my listening room, I can definately tell the difference.

I purchased a Manley Skipjack. You can plug 2 (up to 4) analog RCA sources as inputs, with one RCA (or 2) analog out. You can set it to automatically, randomly switch between the inputs. I tested a pair of Blue Jeans Cable RCA analog cables against a pair of Musical Design Aura RCA cables. I listened, and could definately tell an audible difference. After that, I plugged in the "pickle" that it comes with the Skipjack (25' cord), and manually switched between that 2, so at the end, I could see which one I was listening to. I had no problems picking out the Musical Design cables. Would I have heard as dramatic an improvement in an unfamiliar environment? Probably not. In my system, where my ears are tuned into listening, I could tell.

The Purepower gear is not one of these subtle changes, however. It is a dramatic change.
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