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Default Re: Good - Better - Best in HDMI cables.

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

I challenge you to NOT see an improvement in sound with the PurePower conditioner I am using!

If you don't hear a difference with this in line, you are blessed as you have no need to buy expensive audio gear! As for your cable comment, many feel strongly on both sides of this coin. Having a box that is three feet square and at least two feet tall of JUST cable, I can say I've been through my share and cables DO make a difference, even with digital, and as HDMI is digital audio and video, they do make a difference, both in picture and audio performance to my eyes and ears. I use some Monoprice and Blue Jeans cables, but not in my reference rig where the cables really can show themselves.

And if you "believe" you hear a difference, good for you! I have been and still am an audiophile and have both done exclusive testing and been a contributor in professional lab testing of such equipment. The placebo effect you feel (hear) is well documented as is the proof that power conditioners do nothing but make YOU feel better. Being a professional sound engineer for many years, I look at equipment from a scientific and reality approach and although equipment such as this makes wild claims, I know better and have proved so in laboratories and field tests many times.
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