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Default Re: Proper screen size for best quality picture

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
My room size hasn't been finalized yet buy I'm looking at a room 26' long, 18' wide & 10' high at the (120") screen & 17' wide & 8' high in the rear with all corners rounded off.
No windows in the room & 1 wall will be shelving for media storage.
Ahhh - non parallel walls, we love those: no standing waves between non parallel walls. Now you know you will get a good result in the audio.

You room is quite long, so then the question becomes, how many people do you want to seat? Based on the ideal sweet spot in the room, the basics would be: Sweet Spot at 16' from front of room (Screen side is always the Front); Screen should be 13.4' feet wide, no matter the image ratio (16:9 or 2.35:1) with L/C/R/Subs all behind the acoustic transparent screen.

Your current screen is a bit to small for the room (what luxury!), so place L/R just outside the screen (but within the 160" screen you will be buying in a few months. May I again recommend acoustic transparent screens from Screen Research? Worth every penny!

Build a baffle wall! Cheap, studs and MDF/plaster board, but worth $1m in improved audio.

What do you mean with rounded off corners? You should try to build bass traps out of those corners, so no hard plaster or anything, but MDF corner traps, lots of 3/4" holes on a 4x4" matrix, back filled with insulation wool. Rounded corners can be dangerous: they reflect a focussed beam of audio back into the room, think satelite receiver dish... The amount of reflection depends on the radius of the rounding.

I would recommend Procella Audio loudspeakers: they will give you THX spec SPL and dynamic range IN SEAT (being 85dB constant with 105+dB peak), whilst being absolutely HiFi. See Disclosure of interest: I own the company, together with another ex DTS colleague, Anders Uggelberg. In your size room any regular HiFi speaker (read: dome tweeters, small woofers, bass reflex) would sound feable and weak.

In case you are interested, I do this for a living: Great fun, designing home cinema rooms for people... (No flames! I am not selling, just telling...)

Regards, Gerben Van Duyl
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