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Default Re: What's you dream system?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
Here it goes:

7 Speakers B&W Nautilus ($45,000 a pair=> $157,000)

24 amplifier Mark Levison H33 ($25,000 a pair => $300,000)
or Joule Electra Monaural Amps, VZN-350 Destiny Monoblock Amplifiers ($30,000 a pair)

1 Mark Levinson Nš 40 HD Media Console ($40,000)

Nš 51 Media Player ($18,000)

Projector: Runco Signature Cinema SC-1 Projector ($250,000)

Stewart Film Screen Cine W (14 feet wide) ($20,000)

Grand total = $785,000

With all this you can buy yourself a house and a decent car!!
A nice idea, but you missed a couple things....

Each B&W Nautilus requires four channels of amplification, so you need 28 of them! Oh, and for the amps, you might want to consider the 33's if you could even find 28 of then for sale, maybe even the new 53's when they come out! I LOVE the Joule amps, but if you had 28 of them in one room, you couldn't possibly have a large enough HVAC system to make the room livable!

I would also go for the ML 502 over the 40, it's newer, and actually $2K less, it has HDMI 1.2 in's so it can utilize MCPCM audio from HD DVD and Blu-ray. I'd also tack on the EMM Labs CDSD SE and DAC6e SE for an SACD player and of course, the new Transparent Cable Opus MM2 cables throughout (speaker cables start at ~$32K for 8 feet)
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