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Default Re: Good - Better - Best in HDMI cables.

2 years ago I moved into the city from a rural area. The change in the sound of my system was not small. If I wanted to really enjoy my stereo I had to wait until late at night, usually after midnight before my system sounded anywhere near as clean as it did out in the country. I added a dedicated circuit breaker, new duplex socket, and a modest power conditioner. The background from which the sound comes is now much quieter. Where there used to be a granular texture to high frequency notes there is now a smoothness that wasn't there before I isolated my equipment from the rest of the household and added the power conditioner. It sounds better still late at night. It may be because the rest of the city is also quieter or it may be less stuff on the electrical grid but whatever it is, there is an improvement in the sound I hear.
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