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Cool Re: Will there ever be another meaningful SACD or DVD-Audio release?

Originally Posted by wes View Post
This is the future High Def Digital download.

Studio Master FLAC 24bit 88.2kHz 2,403.9MB or WMA 24bit 88.2kHz 2,381.7MB

We will need Tera-bytes of hard drive
I thought SA would be the winning HiRes CD format like Blu-ray even though I have a universal player. The marketplace (in my opinion) drove DVD-A off into the sunset because of its non-hybrid technology unlike SACD. At least a hybrid SA could be played in a conventional CD player. One of the issues I found with SA is that the format released very few new recordings, there are and still is an abundance of re-issues. It now looks like SA is also heading for the sunset, sans classical releases. Like Wes' note, I noticed that Chesky records is launching a high-resolution download store called HDtracks: with liner notes in PDF format, (i.e.) : This may be the future of HiRes audio.

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