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I work in the R & D department of a company that designs and builds custom, All aluminum horse trailers. These trailers range in price from $12K to well over $200K. Most are built to an individual customer's specs. In addition to horse stalls in the rear, they include a living quarters up front that may include things such as hammered copper sinks, marble floors, solid hardwood cabinets and even hot tubs and surround systems with projector.

Sorry to drift off subject. The bottom line is that I have access to a lot of material, particularly aluminum. I modeled the rack using Pro-E parametric solid modeling software to make sure that each device had adequate space. After completing the model I went out into the shop after normal work hours and pulled material from the scrap bins. I was able to obtain the glass from the company from whom we purchase windows for a very reasonable price. After welding the rack together I spent 2 full days with 300 grit sand paper smoothing everything in preparation for what turned into several hours with a buffer and a big tub of Mother's aluminum polish.

Kennyt: I would love to pull those speakers out at least another foot or so. They are 18" from the wall now. In my previous house they were on the short wall of a 16' 22' room and they were 4' from the side wall and 3' from the rear wall. It really is amazing how much better they sound when given room to breathe. I'll be moving into a larger place soon and I'll give them all the space they require.
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