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Originally Posted by Butch View Post
Home made shelf system made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions welded into a frame and hand polished. It is supporting 6 sheets of 3/16" tempered and tinted glass shelves.

On the shelf top to bottom:

DirecTV HR21-100 HD Receiver
Marantz DV9600 Universal Player
Monster HT3500 Power Conditioner with modifications by Nuforce
Marantz SR19 Receiver
Anthem Statement A5 5-Channel Amplifier
That thing atop the Player is a Sound Enhancer from Acoustic Research.

The Rest of it:

Paradigm Reference Studio 100v2 Main L/R
Sony KP-57WS510 HDTV
Paradigm Reference Studio CC Center Channel
Paradigm Servo 15 v2 Subwoofer
Paradigm Reference Studio ADP Surrounds (Not Shown)

Interconnects: Kimber Kable Hero.
Center Channel Speaker Cable: Kimber 8TC
Main L/R Speaker Cable: MIT Terminator II Biwire
Surrounds Speaker Cable: Monster Flat Wire

I started putting this stuff together in 1999 following the loss of my old system to a Burglar. I've been adding/upgrading at the rate of $2 to $3K per year. This spring I added the Anthem which has been one of my most satisfying upgrades to date. The other was moving from Studio 60's to the 100's. Future upgrades include a Blu-Ray Player and a Pre/Pro. I'm leaning toward an Anthem AVM 30.
This is a very nice system! I love that Anthem amp and the Servo 15 happens to be one of my favorite subwoofers! Good job
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