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Originally Posted by Butch View Post
. . .Is there some trick that I need to know about in order to add photos to this thread? When I follow the instructions in the FAQ's to click on 'Manage Attachments' nothing happens. Could my Firefox browser be the problem?
There are a few peculiarities to this forum: attachments, avatars, reload the current page, etc. . .
I am hoping that the new company helping run the site will fix some of these bugs.

I prefer Safari for all my web browsing, but it has the most limitations here.
I know some of the moderators are avid apple users, so I was hoping they would help make the site run better with Safari. . . unless they are using a different version of the forum software than we are. . .

I have noticed that Firefox works better than Safari, and sometimes I'll have even better luck with Netscape.
I have not been able to ever post attachments with Safari.
I don't use MS Exploder, and will not try it, so I don't know about how well it works here.

Hopefully, you'll be able to get your pictures up. I know we are all interested in seeing them.
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