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Smile Re: PS3 getting DTS-HD-MA Confirmed

hi everybody! this is a reality moment of a history of this industry, the download of updated for PLAYSTATION 3 is start today monday april 14, 2008 at 12:50AM eastern time and the instaling the updated is 1:35AM eastern time and confirm is update a firmware 2.30 in my playstation 3 and also at the same moment i have a 2 particular movies in my hand to play inmediately 1.LIVE FREE DIE HARD [DTS HD MASTER AUDIO] 2.CLOSE ENCOUNTERS AND THE THIRD KIND, 30TH ANNIVERSARY ULTIMATE EDITION [DTS HD MASTER AUDIO] i watch the first but i compare to dolby true hd has no hesitation the dts hd master audio is the best sound i never heard and a lots some information i never heard comparately to dolbytruehd in a sorround speakers and the dialog is very transparent, in a close encounters of the third kind is another story for both edition 1977 the original and the 1980 special edition and 1998director's cut i recommended the 1977 edition and watch and heard, you will send the comments and opinion for this movie in your own words ,my systems [2] is componed by tx-sr805 onkyo,playstation 3 80 gb,toshiba hd-a3 toshiba, kef iq7,iq6c,iq1,iq8ds,psw-500[ subwoofer]the second tx-sr605 onkyo,playstation 3 60gb,athena technologies micra3, the cables in both system is monster m3 front and center and monster flat cable navajo for the sorrounds and the subwoofer i 300.
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