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Nice rig, I had that Paradigm system (v4) in for review a while back, and kept it for a few months after too. It rocks, especially for films, highly involving and dynamic, and the Servo 15v2, well, what can you say, it moves a ton of air! I am sure the Anthem amp mates very well with it too.

Buy a Blu-ray player ASAP, you should own one and see the benefits now rather than wait. Pre/pro's are a tougher call right now as the new audio codecs of Blu-ray (and HD DVD) are only in a handful of units. That is changing, but slower than with the receiver market. Fortunately for you, Anthem has been very good about keeping their units upgradable, and often for very reasonable costs (given what most others charge)

You seem to like the Anthem/Paradigm sound, but might I suggest the Anthem Statement D1 or D2??? They now come with Anthem's own room correction which I am just finishing a review of and all I can say is WOW! The original D1/2 were amazing for the money, but the addition of the room correction vastly improved the in room sound from the pre/pro, both in my room and in the notoriously difficult hotel room of CES. It is easy to use and should you buy an older unit, can be added on for $399.
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