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Default Re: What's after 1080p?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
While 4K projectors have been out for a couple years, i doubt that is the next step. People have already been talking about 1440p, but even at that rate, what would you watch other than scaled 1080p??? Very few things except HUGE dollar films are made in true 4K, so unless you can call the top Hollywood producers and get a native 4K feed, your only scaling at best 1080p to 4K.....

Sure more pixels are better, but the native feed has to be up to the pixel count to really get the best picture, so I doubt we'll see another jump that is worth investing in any time soon.
The work I've seen in the 4K realm would suggest otherwise. While 4K is going to be rooted more in the cinema markets it's well on its way to becoming the alternative to 35mm film. Even if a film is shot natively in 4K the 1080p or 2K conversion will be that much better. 4K from a film making standpoint isn't as unobtainable as one would think as manufactures are doing EVERYTHING in their power to get this new technology into the hands of filmmakers. I'll update you on my personal findings as I begin to walk down the 4K path.
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