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Default Re: NuForce: a new player in the high end market

Originally Posted by Kenobi View Post
Hi hikejohn,

Just thought I mention that Demian Martin (ex-Spectral fame) designed the P-9 pre-amp for Nuforce and possibly had a role in the tweaking of the V2 board for their new generation amps as well.


That does say something to me. While, as i stated, I have not heard a NuForce amplifier, I am very familiar with Spectral. Supremely well performing, high quality, and some of the cleanest amplification I have ever heard. So, I don`t know how much that helped, but that would let me want to hear one even more right now.
I must also state, that it has been some time between listens. As Spectral dealers are hard to find here in Westchester, or New York in Manhattan. At one time, Lyric Hi-Fi carried the Spectral line.
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