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Originally Posted by raoc801 View Post
my dream system is 3 pairs of tad model 1 loudspeakers driven by cello performances in bridge mode for all channels.
Cello audio pallet and Denon new avp hd hometheater processor for multi channel high def sourround sound.
pioneer elite blu ray and toshiba hd player for all hd formats of video linked with supra cables hdmi 1.3 to a meridian 1080 d-ila mf1 digital projector.
esoteric p70 and d70 for digital audio reproduction and two krell master ref subwoofers.
all cables Nordost Vallhala for interc and loudsp.
I would like to hear this system. From what Jerry Del has shared we me, Cello components were excellent. The TAD 1s, I got to hear with Andrew Jones at HE2007. But with Cello amplifiers, I`m sure we would get even more from the beautiful sounding TAD 1`s.
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