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Smile Re: Blu-ray Now In 10 Million Homes

Now that HD DVD is gone and the majority of BlueRay players are Sony PS3's the next big Loser is going to be Blue Ray. Just like SACD.

Blue Ray is about to be smashed by Apple TV. Too Cool and convient, if you havent noticed they already have millions of trained users that already have itunes accounts. Its a natural fit and Apple TV is going to make every video format as useless as the Ipod did for every audio format.

OK, here come the flames. I'm just the messenger. I know, I know its not nearly technically as good..... Laughable stuff when compared to convience and $25 hard to find titles. If you have not been watching.... their library is growing and growing and growing!

I'm also not an HD DVD supporter either so its not sour grapes its just whats getting ready to happen.
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