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Default Re: Proper screen size for best quality picture

Originally Posted by i30krab View Post
Hi Gerben from Down Under,

What can be done with a 12' x 14' x 10' room. On one long wall I have 4 theater chairs ...

On one short wall is a 101" entrance consisting of 2 bi fold doors with exterior weatherstripping and piano hinges between the R & L bi fold sections,the other short room side has (2) large 70" x 67" sliding windows in the same opening. There is 21" of wall under the windows to the floor and 26" above the windows with (3) 16" square windows at the very top.
I want to go with a projector but I fear I don't have the room for the proper set up of projector directly over my head and a large screen with my non built in front 3 speakers.

I'm curious what you think I can do!.
Do you use the windows? Could you black these out semi-permanently? Use for example very thick black curtains along the entire window end of your room.
If so, I would change the orientation of the room by 90 degrees, with the screen in front of the windows. Use either a fixed screen or a motorised screen, 85" wide image, 97.5" diagonal on 16:9. You can go to 90"H x 103"D if you like,
Again, an acoustic transparent screen is preferred in either case, just place your L/C/R on a neat podium across the front at the correct height for 5/8 of the image.

Sit at the sweet spot at 8' to 10' from the screen and enjoy a perfect image and perfect sound. This way the room would be a lot better, with no wall behind your head and correct integration of image and sound.

We have built smaller rooms than this for professional QA of H'wood movies before they go into the field. It can be done easily in your size room, but turning it 90 degrees is desired.

Regards, Gerben Van Duyl
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