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Default Re: Proper screen size for best quality picture

Hi Gerben from Down Under,

What can be done with a 12' x 14' x 10' room. On one long wall I have 4 theater chairs and on the other long wall there are 2 open glass shelving units (one at each end) holding my components. left side shelve is 16"D x 21"W x 48"H, right side shelve is 20"D x 42" W x 48" H. That leaves about 100" between the shelves which is where I have a 60" pioneer kuro plasma and the L- C -R speakers and the sub at the far right.

On one short wall is a 101" entrance consisting of 2 bi fold doors with exterior weatherstripping and piano hinges between the R & L bi fold sections,the other short room side has (2) large 70" x 67" sliding windows in the same opening. There is 21" of wall under the windows to the floor and 26" above the windows with (3) 16" square windows at the very top.

The surround rear in -wall speakers above the theater seats (which are pushed up against the wall ), are 46" over my head and 80" apart

There are also 2 in -ceiling surround speakers above my sitting position 74" above my head and 5' apart.

My main chair is 103" away from all 3 front speakers.

I really can't change much. The walls are all 6" studs with R19 insulation and 2 layers of 5/8" drywall sandwiching a layer of loaded vinyl sound barrier. The room is very tight with 4" fiberglass wall treatments and base traps in all 4 corners.

I want to go with a projector but I fear I don't have the room for the proper set up of projector directly over my head and a large screen with my non built in front 3 speakers.

You can check out my components and room pictures in show us your system.

I'm curious what you think I can do!.

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