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Default Re: Proper screen size for best quality picture

Originally Posted by wes View Post
My room is unfortunately square 18 x 18 x 10. My speakers are under the screen as I have three B&W 802D in the front.

I am looking at a Stewart Film Screen, Luxus A Electriscreen Firehawk G3 material 10 feet wide 2:35 aspect ratio, and the projector is a JVC DLA-RS2. My back speakers are 802s.
Here is the short list of recommendations I would give:

A) De-Square your room. Standing waves in square rooms are horrible. For example, build a full size book case or cabinetry along the entire back wall, fill it with books and equipment. That takes at least one foot away from the length of the room. In the front, build a false wall (simple 2x4 battens, MDF+plaster board skin) that sits 15" to 18" from the real wall. Mount your screen onto this and create recesses into which you place your L/C/R/Sub speakers. Run all your cables behind the false wall as well.

B) If you can, use an acoustic transparent screen and place at least the Centre behind the screen. If you use the screen size as recommended below, you could/should place L and R behind the screen as well. I would suggest the Screen Research ClearPix2 acoustic transparent screen:

C) If you can take 2 1/2 feet of the length of the room as per A): then Sweet Spot is at 9'7" from the false wall, screen size is 8' exactly, horizontal image width (96" wide, or 110" diagonal on a 16:9 screen).

D) Place screen at 1/3 below eye level, 2/3 above eye level. Place acoustic centre of speakers at 5/8 of screen height.

If you follow these points, you will end up with a room that has exact viewing and audio lines as top quality post production rooms. Enjoy!

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