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Smile Re: PS3 getting DTS-HD-MA Confirmed

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I almost bought a Sony BDPS2000ES a couple of months ago because the picture & sound quality was so much better than my PS3 but at $1200 & only profile 1.1 I'll wait for the BDP-S550 profile 2.0 player coming later this year or even wait for a profile 2.0 Denon or Sony ES.

The PS3 is not a bad Blu-Ray player but I've seen that there is more quality to be had from Blu-Ray & I want the best picture & audio I can get!
Too be honest I have not seen marked differences between the PS3 and the BDP500 but I have noticed some. I definitely hear differences between the two. I really cannot phantom buying another player unless it has all the codecs and has wifi. Being able to download updates this way is fantastic! The one piece I need to update is my projector (Sharp 12000U). It is awesome but 1080I only. Nevertheless, I have seen 1080P projectors and they don't impress me so I will hold on until I see a markedly better picture. I have a 110 inch screen so I should see a difference.
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