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Default Re: What about HSU Research?

I have been researching new subwoofers lately to replace my 9 year old B&W ASW-1000 subwoofer. I looked at Velodyne, M&K, SVS, and HSU and I ended up going wit an HSU sub. I purchased the HSU VTF-3 MK3 w/ Turbo upgrade, which they state can go down to 18Hz and according to the reviews I've read it suppose to great for both music and movies. I should be getting my new HSU sub, next week and I'm really looking forward to hearing the difference this new sub delivers.

My ASW-1000 has a 12" driver, 120W amplifyer, and can reproduce bass levels down to 25 Hz. It seems to be good for movies, but has problems keeping up with fast moving bass tracks on music. I'd have to admit the B&W ASW-1000 is the only sub I've ever owned, so I am not that worldly when it comes to subs. I auditioned a small 10" Velodyne sub, that was fine for music, but did not have enough punch for movies in my 18' x 18' x 8.5' home theater room. I then brought home a 15" Velodyne to audition and it was DOA and this kind of scared me off from buying a new sub at the time, so I decided to upgrade my B&W 805's to some full range 803's instead and I just used my sub for movies.

I will report back when i have a chance to set up and test this new sub and let you all know the results.
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