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Default Re: Blu-ray Now In 10 Million Homes

I spent much of the last 2 weeks researching using Blu-Ray as a high rez carrier for audio only and it has been hard work absorbing all the format options and licence implications - my head has been spinning. A hardware manufacturer wanting to put out their own Blu-Ray players needs to put GBP250000 on the table for starters just for a licence. Then there are various opt-in options and licences which the cheap players are going to have to leave out to meet the budget if the format is to achieve escape velocity. I can't see many pure audiophile brands wanting to find that sort of cash to do their own players. The consumer regular players already out there are some of them v1.0, some like the Panasonic are v1.1, then later in the year we'll have v2.0 to make all the early players obsolete. Then we have HDMI which has been a moving target. Then AACS. Then our old friend regional coding which is annoying for those of us overseas who do shopping from US sources.

My guess (no crystal ball required) is that most audiophiles will stick with vinyl and CD, plus a few SACDs here and there. Also labels are likely to stay away from spending money on building a catalogue of another format if it does not feel a certainty. For audio on its own for Blu-Ray the data can be pressed on to cheap DVD9 discs in an X3 format AVREC previously known as BD9, but still there are issues about compatibility and unless I have got the wrong end of the stick not all players will play hi-rez audio high sampling rate DTS at full resolution.

I believe it is only a matter of time before we simply get used to downloading high-rez lossless FLAC and wma files, then playing them off a home server. are doing some great work here. We listen to 88k2/24 at home off hard-disk all the time and it sounds very clean. The disc space is very cheap now, so is server space for labels.
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