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Cool Re: Blu-ray Now In 10 Million Homes

Sony screwed up with SACDs they over charged and instead of using digital originally they went the analog route with 6 RCA cables to plug in? Who wants to deal with that!!! I have an SACD player and have 8 RCA cables to play SACD and regular CDs, but I can understand why regular folks said forget it that is not worth it. In addition all the labels did not agree to release their music in SACDs so the format thrived in Classical and a bit in Jazz but on every other music style it tanked.

This time Blu Ray has everyone support that is a hughe difference, all the studio see $$$ at $30 a disc, good luck I won't replace my 500 DVD collection any time soon way too expensive. If the studio where smart they would offer an upgrade path as I mentioned earlier
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