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Default Re: PS3 getting DTS-HD-MA Confirmed

Originally Posted by melcuemba View Post
ok, i wonder if DTSHD-MA will do the same. I also have the sony BDP S500 but it shows dolby True HD in the display of my DENON 4308. I wonder why the PS3 sendsit out as PCM (multi-channel). What mechnism limits its ability to allow it to be displayed like the BDP S500. I rather see what I am getting even though i can hear it!!!
From what I understand it's a hardware limitation that keeps the PS3 from bitstreaming the advance codecs so I expect that DTS-HD-MA will show as multi channel in also.

Nevertheless updates like this keep the PS3 in the Blu-Ray game, it might not be the best looking or best sounding Blu-Ray player but it is the most future proof & is proving to be a good value in the long run!

I'll be waiting for the Profile 2.0 players to hit the market before replacing my PS3 as my primary Blu-Ray player.
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