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Originally Posted by Dave Moritz View Post
"You'd be amazed what can happen when you say, "Cancel my service. I'm calling someone else."

I would normally agree with you and I think this only works with Dish, Direct and a small number of cable companies. IMHO when most cable companies hear someone say, " Cancel my service because I am tired of your bs and I am going to switch to Direct TV". I have found that cable companies basically say, " So what go ahead we will be happy to end your service". There attitude seems to be that they feel that they are the only game in town so most cable companies could care less if you are a customer or not! !
You are 100% right. Comcast has lost me forever! I tried the HD and it was terrible. I had high speed internet and it was always down and on top of it all they were adding all these little extra fees and charges and when questioned they get an attitude and basically say tough ****!!!

Directv couldn't care less either. Both try to get you back later with tons of mailings but never good customer service or a refund of money or rebates.
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