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Default Dragonís Lair Unveiled As First 1080p Game For HD DVD Players

After first appearing on Blu-ray earlier this year, HD DVD owners can now also enjoy the classic arcade game Dragonís Lair in full high definition. Making his HD DVD debut this August, Dirk the Daring swings in to action on the Microsoft Xbox 360 with HD DVD add-on drive and standalone HD DVD movie players.

Dragonís Lair was first introduced in the arcades in 1983 and its laser disc video quality and Don Bluth animation made it an instant smash hit. Now, Digital Leisure and authoring studio Infinite HD Inc. have created a true high definition gaming experience for this classic arcade game.

ďIím amazed at the high definition video.Ē says Don Bluth, one of the original creators of Dragonís Lair. ďFinally, the game looks as good as it did on film. And, the 5.1 audio sounds even better than original. Now whether you have Blu-ray or HD DVD you can enjoy this terrific, high definition version of Dragonís Lair.Ē

All special features on the disc are in full 1080p HD including interviews with creators Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and Rick Dyer, and even a full length visual commentary of the game.

Digital Leisure plans to follow up Dragonís Lair HD DVD with the release of Space Ace and Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp in the HD DVD format.

Dragonís Lair HD DVD will be available this August 15th at many game and movie retailers as well as at Digital Leisure. is offline   Reply With Quote