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Default Re: EA bets PS3 will best Xbox 360 sales in 2008

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I've been playing the Japanese version of GT5P since December & it is amazing, I can't wait till next week to pick up the North American version so I can understand the menus, news & GTTV!

The EU version sold over 1 million copies & that doesn't count the downloads!

Yeah I've had it preordered since before it launched in Japan, so I never bothered with looking for a Japanese copy. I think the EU Version's numbers were actually revamped though, I remember seeing a couple figures that indicated they sold less...but still far far far outsold all other games.

Yeah, according to, it's sold just under a million so far, including Japan. Looks like around 700K in 2 weeks in Europe...odd that UK sales dominated Japanese sales by quite a substantial amount. Of course, the VGChartz #'s do not include download purchases either. But, I think alot of the Japanese (as well as EU and US) slowdown in PS3 purchases are most likely attributed to people waiting for the new 80g SKU's for MGS4 and now the more recently announced GTAIV bundles.


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