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Default Re: Toshiba HD DVD players still selling @ Circuit City

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
LG is supporting HD DVD. The last I heard, they were still possibly coming out with a BH300 which is a dual player like the BH200 and BH100. I would still rather have HDM than not. Besides, if your worried about your HD DVD player dying, you can always just only get the combo format discs that have both HD DVD and regular DVD versions .

I understand Wes's point, but I'm with you rlpiii, I have a Toshiba HD-A20 and the LG drive in my HTPC (as I mentioned before), and when I decide to buy a Blu-Ray player I will gunning for a combo unit to hedge my bets for continued playback of my HD-DVD library.

Wes, the way I figured it, after a couple years of use the HD-A20 will have paid for it's self through playback of the 2 dozen or so HD titles I have (and at $9.99, more on the way), but also the hundreds of SD DVD's that I have and the Toshiba up-converts beautifully.
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