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Default Re: Will there ever be another meaningful SACD or DVD-Audio release?

I think that one of the failures of the SACD/DVD-A formats was that there was no standardized interconnect to take full advantage of it. You either had to buy the proprietary technologies from Denon, Pioneer, Meridian, etc...or go the 6-channel analog route which often became a hassle because of Bass Management/time alignment issues.

Ironically, with HDMI finally becoming more stable...and the introduction of the new high-rez audio receivers/SSPs and Oppo players, I've become more interested in SACD/DVD-A than I've ever been. Many people who have picked up the newer Integra, Onkyo and Denons to take advantage of the lossless audio for video, are finally experiencing the full potential that SACD/DVD-A has to offer. Sadly, it may be too late...and much of its failure may simply be due to bad timing. Maybe we can have a revival
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