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Default Re: Toshiba HD DVD players still selling @ Circuit City

Heck, the local BlockBuster is clearing out all HD-DVD's for $9.99!

One local electronics store is selling the A3 for $99, the A30 for $150 and the A35 for $240, funny enough that store is still sell more then 1/2 of their HD-DVD stock for full price! Get this Kindom of Heaven is stickered at $48!!!

At Future Shop here in Canada, I have been picking up the odd title for $12.99...

Since I have a A20 and a multi drive in the HTPC, I don't mind the occasional deal on a worthwhile movie.

Locally the cost of Blu-Ray movies is still waaay to high to consider purchase, I think they need to get real about the pricing on the discs (not to mention the players), around here with the average movie around $30 and the players still above $400, sales are slow. Most people I have talked to (not us crazy early adopter types) are wating for sub $200 players...
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