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Default Re: Will there ever be another meaningful SACD or DVD-Audio release?

Originally Posted by cujo8 View Post
Times have sure changed all right, The other day I was in one of the high end audio stores and a teenager was testing out home audio systems using his MP3 player! Both the salesman and I got good chuckle out of that, but we both agreed that with some quality audio equipment he may accidentally discover what a good quality recording sounds like if he ever plays some uncompressed audio source and compares it to its MP3 version.

When I opened my Modern Home Theater email today I saw something I thought I would never see......a Krell IPOD Dock for your audio rack! I guess if you can't beat them, than join them!
I think that Krell, Meridian, B&W, Wadia, et al have done exactly the right thing by joining the iPod revolution. During his presentation at the PARA conference a couple of years ago, Gary Yacoubian of Myer-Emco (and current CEA vice-chairman) challenged attendees to do as his company has done and turn the iPod into a sales opportunity. They launched a program where their salespeople began asking everyone who came in if they had an iPod. If they replied "yes", they then asked if they had it with them and, if so, began to show them how much better it could sound when connected to their main audio system with a suitable docking solution. Result? Their sales of very profitable high-end iPod accessories skyrocketed!
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