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Default Re: Will there ever be another meaningful SACD or DVD-Audio release?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
The key thing you said there was, sit down and listen to music. NO ONE does that today. Think about it. I do not know your age, but back in my day, we actually went shopping together for albums. It was an experience. Like women shopping for shoes. Had lunch afterwards, and could not wait to get home to crack the shrink wrap off your new albums.

Friday night (not every friday night!!) would leave work, maybe play BBall at the center, then go home, have a brew, and listen to music for hours. When it got to late, put on my Koss Pro 2 +2 quad headphones. Who does this today? Not a soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to your friends basement, and listen to music at his house. The love of music is gone. Unfortunately.
You're definitely revealing your age with those memories, but those were the days . . . 2-channel was king, "big-screen" TVs were 27" and "home theater" was your kids performing for the family during the holidays!
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