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Default Re: Which power supply???

I just bought an APC S15BLK Power condition w/ battery back-up and to say this unit is full featured is an understatement! This unit has 12 isolated outlets, and has provisions for protecting Cable, Satellite, Antenna, Ethernet. You can monitor the power conditioner through the Ethernet hook-up using the supplied software. You can add additional UPS battery modules in a daisy-chain configuration if you need to. The S15 is rated at 900watts and 90% efficient at full load and the battery power mode provides true sine wave AC power. This unit weighs in at 62 lbs and measures 5.25" H x 17" W x 19" D, so you should measure before you order one of these beasts. It does come with every thing you need to mount this in your AV rack and the feet are removable as well. I used to have a Niles power conditioner and I used it for almost everything in my AV system except my amp, since I felt that the Niles would not be able to keep up with power demands. I had no such issues with the APC S15 unit and I plugged everything into it and it handled it just fine. Some of my equipment uses quite a lot of juice, for example my B&K Ref-200.7 is a 7 channel amp rated at 200W/CH, and my 50" Pioneer 1080p Plasma also uses more than its far share of power. The front display of this unit can tell you everything you probably everything need to know about your power. I like that you can see how much load is on the unit, power coming in & going out, how long the unit will run on battery if you loose power, etc, etc. The APC S15 has 4 outlet classifications on the back for Digital (6), Video (2), Analog (2), & High Current (2) each section utilizes unique filtering techniques tailored to each classification. The batteries are supposed to last up to 5 years and are easily changed form the front of the unit once you remove the front panel. This unit retails for $1499, but I was able to get on off the Internet for $932 plus tax and shipping. BTW, the Rotel RLC-1080 power conditioner, which retails at $1600 is based on the APC S15 design, but sports a redesigned front panel to match there other equipment.

Here's a link to the APC S15BLK (S15BLK is Black & the S15 is silver):

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