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Default Re: Will there ever be another meaningful SACD or DVD-Audio release?

Originally Posted by Waynefi View Post
I wish the DVD-A and SACD would have taken off, but they did not, that is the fact. I have an SACD player here, that could be sold for a universal player player in an instant if there was a reason. I would not even be back in vinyl if the people in general would have supported HI REZ DVD-A and SACD. They did not ! If there would have only been one format of Hi REZ, maybe it would have made it, but there was 2, and neither made it. Maybe if HIREZ would have just been concentrating on 2 channel across the board, rather then attempting to make 5.1, and aimed at what most music fans and audiophiles still listen to 2 channel maybe the message would have been clearer, but it was not. The dream of every Best Buy "theater in a box" owner hovering around their little 5.1 speakers listening to DSOTM in surround did not happen, mom and dad kept watching Star Wars over and over, listening to thumps of the little box in the corner, while little Cissy and Johnny listened to some crap coming out of ear buds in the corner eating gummy bears. That explains while I am back into vinyl.

All that being said it is a shame. I still buy some SACD, just picked up a David Bowie and Diana Krall, both wonderful I thought. People will not fall for another new format like Blu Ray for music. Yeah maybe HiRez downloads maybe something in the future, at this point there is nothing available for me to truly get interested yet. Call me when I can get a true Hi Rez download of Magical Mystery Tour, then I know we are on the way !!

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