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Default Re: Absolute best source?

I guess I got too much into lamenting the latest listening habits of the many, instead of being specific with you. (You should have seen my FIRST draft!)

B&K 802's are sweet, and Classe is one of the most pleasant sounding lines of electronics. I've sold them both over the years. If you have something that's a bit rough on either of these, the edge will be delicately smoothed away and you'll be left with beautiful music.

My ideal is to have that effortlessness without having to hide anything.

I still expect that there are many players that will leave the Oppo in the dust, and that the Wadia is fairly pedestrian when it is compared to Wadia's other models on CD.

You do make a very valid and important point. If you mix and match right, and expect alot from your system, you can get very impressive sound from inexpensive components.

Still, the question was about the absolute best source...

I still would ask "Where can we send people today to get spoiled? Is there room for some new kind of audio/video specialty venue that gets people interested in high-definition audio to go along with their HDTV experience?

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