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Cool Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Yes definitly but like all good things in moderation otherwise watch out for the financial impact.

I have decided that every seven years I make major upgrades to my system, I will do this until my hearing loss starts getting bad (70 or so).

Here is my latest upgrade:

Before: 5.1 system
Two 802 B&W Nautilus, one B&W Nautilus HTM1, two B&W Nautilus 803, Integra Research, RDC-7, RDA-7, RDV-1 and Sony CD Changer, Pioneer Elite Plasma

Today: 7.1 system
Three B&W Nautilus 802D , two B&W Nautilus 802 Surround side, two 803 B&W Nautilus back, JL Audio Fathom F113, Classé CA-5200, Classé CA-2100, awaiting Classé SSP-800, BluRay Player Sony BDP-301, JVC DLA RS-2, Stewart Film Screen 100", iMac 1TB Music Server

I love it, I wonder what it will be in seven years! Oh I forgot college for the kids oh well!
7.1 System
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