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Default Re: Favorite watch??

A while back I overheard my boss talking to our HR manager. They were comparing wrist watches. They both had the same brand but different models and they were talking about what great watches they were for only $5000.00!

Well, I couldn't resist. "Say fellas, do you know what time it is?", I asked. They both looked at their watches (funny, they had been looking and comparing them when I walked up yet neither of them knew the time without looking at his watch again) and in stereo answered, "11 o'clock." I held up my Casio and said, "How 'bout that? Mine cost 5 bucks at Wal-Mart and has the exact same time as yours!

I must admit that watching some guy hand build a watch that sold for over a quarter million dollars on HDNET a while back was fascinating. I guess with some watches its not about what time it is as much as it is about the rare works of art they represent.
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