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Default Re: Honda vs. Mercedes

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I think I am over the whole expensive fast cars thing. I personally came to the realization I will never have the funds to truly drive them as they should be (all out on the track) and therefore will only be wasting them and my money on maintaining them.

I am keeping my Honda element and truly enjoy not giving a rats butt about it. If it gets scratched or damaged, so what???

There is something very liberating about not caring about your car!

That said, I look really good in a 575!
I`m not. Still holding out. The track would be nice, however, there is something about having that engine under the hood, while on the interstate or highway, and saying see ya!!!!!!!! at anytime. Its about the fun. Now, here is the question kenny and Jerry, what gives the most natural high, or pleasure, 0 - 60 in your favorite sports car, or Isaac Hayes on your Meridian, Mark Lev, Revel, Wilson, Mythos, Esoteric, etc.???

Things make you say Hmmmmm.....
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