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Default Re: No difference between 1080i and 1080p!

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Most good TV's and projectors CAN and DO display 1080p/24, and I must almost totally disagree with you on this post. Don't take it personally, but ask Jerry, Andrew, (I already stated my opinion) and they will all agree with me...
If you are going to state publicly that you disagree with a post, the least you could do is explain why you disagree.
What exactly do you disagree with? If I have stated, or repeated anything incorrect, I would certainly like to know what it is. If not, that would also be good to know.
No displays actually display at 24 Hz, which would be unwatchable due to the flicker. The fact that some (very few) display at an even multiple of 24 (e.g. Pioneer Plasma's 72 Hz), does not, in any way, make anything stated in my post incorrect. In fact, the original article goes on to say that the 3:3 pull down, used by Pioneer (though slightly smoother than 3:2 pull down) goes through essentially the same process. So what exactly do you disagree with, and why? Thank you for your reply.
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