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Default Re: Denon DVD-3800BDCI

Originally Posted by ChiefTK View Post
I would be very interested to get your opinion about the Denon after you receive it.

In addition to its video processing, I am interested in its ability to output the lossless codecs via analog connection whereby I can pass it through my Lexicon MC 12. I don't know of any other BluRay player that can do this for all codecs, including DTS-MA.

I suppose I should simply get a pre/pro with HDMI capabilities.
I've now had the Denon for a week, and I am a bit torn.

The audio is really good - DTS-HD MA is great. I am just not too excited about the PQ. The video is way too soft. Blacks are not quite black, and the picture almost seems hazy.

I am in the process of setting up another user defined setting on my projector specifically for the Denon. I am thinking I may just have an isf guy come out to do it. I have the blu-ray DVE that recently came out that I may use in the mean time to try to tweak the picture. The player has some video settings, but they are more for non-HDMI users which does not help me. I like the picture from my LG BH200 much better.

When I A/B the two players it is painfully obvious the LG has much better PQ which is something I would have never expected.
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